A podcast about Brits in Australia by former UK radio newsreader turned podcaster, Anna Moran.

Recent Episodes

10: From Coastal UK To Outback Australia

June 19, 2021

Ken Sharpe emigrated from Bournemouth, UK to regional Australia in 2010. He moved more than 9,000 miles from a coastal town to Kalgoorlie, an outback city in Australia, where he works on gold mines. The human resources advis…

Guest: Ken Sharpe

9: Setting Up A British Butchery In Australia

June 13, 2021

Jim Arrowsmith from Chorley in Lancashire arrived in Australia as a 20-year-old backpacker in 2006. After realising there was a huge gap in the Australian market for British foods, Jim and his mate Pete Tonge (real name) dec…

8: From British Backpacker To Aussie Mama

June 5, 2021

Sarah Vesty from Somerset arrived in Australia on her own with a backpack and a six-month travel plan back in 2012. Eight years on, she is still in Australia but is now married and a mum to her two little girls, Olivia and …

Guest: Sarah Vesty

7: Outback Australia Motorcycle Crash Survivor

May 30, 2021

**WARNING** This episode features details of a serious road accident and includes some graphic details. A 1,000 mile day trip along the edge of hot and dusty outback Western Australia turned into a disaster when Michael Pitt…

Guest: Michael Pitt

6: A Facebook Community For Brits In Perth

May 23, 2021

‘Poms in Perth’ has 27,000 Facebook members and is one of the largest social media groups dedicated to Brits living in Australia. Russell Burder, who emigrated from Canvey Island, Essex as an offshore surveyor in 2006, orig…

5: Migrating To Australia In A Pandemic

May 16, 2021

Ross Johnston is a secondary school teacher from Reading who migrated to Australia with his wife and two year old daughter in September 2020. Within three months of arriving they had bought their five-bedroom detached home w…

Guest: Ross Johnston